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National All Night Prayer Meeting


The Radically Righteous In Solidarity Igniting The Next Generation

"Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee...but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee." Isaiah 60:1&2b (KJV)

The aim of this project is to discover and network committed believers who in Solidarity will motivate and empower the saints to disciple the nations for God’s glory. The project is comprised of the following:


The Solidarity National Prayer Movement is focused on establishing and inducing prayer as the highest priority among the saints on a continuous basis in every sector of Christian ministry and for every sector of society and the nation.

The aim is both to challenge and facilitate prayer initiatives that will provide the opportunity to keep the church and its mandate before the throne of God. To raise up a generation who will collectively carry the burden of the saints and the nations. Working together to make unity in prayer an integral function of the whole body of Christ to be executed not only in times of crisis but as a natural function of the churches commission to impact our nations for the glory of God.

2nd All Night Prayer 2017 (417).JPG
Solidarity National Prayer Movement
National Children's Movement


The Solidarity National Empowerment Movement focuses on the networking of young people and youth ministries regionally and nationally. The aim is to organize and to position the young people to unite the church in the future by providing a platform for them to take initiatives to equip each other, to live victoriously, commit to God’s purpose and to reach the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is accomplished through networking in prayer, workshops, seminars, conferences and through national and community projects that are planned and executed by the young people under the guidance of the local churches and the Solidarity Movement. 

Solidarity National Empowerment Movement


The Solidarity Institute of Life is a conglomeration of schools with a vision to provide total edification and empowerment to the body of Christ. The aim is to provide an opportunity to expose the saints to a more thorough approach to the study of life issues from a biblical perspective, equipping them to walk in dominion and to honourably serve their generation.


This will be accomplished by drawing on resourceful persons in the body of Christ who are qualified in specific areas of life, networking them for the equipping of the body of Christ to disciple the nations.     

School or Relatioships Graduation GRAD 2018
Solidarity Institute Of Life
Rev. Douglas and Mrs. Myrna Gibson


The Solidarity Global Outreach focuses on providing a link to the nations with a view to establishing a global movement of Solidarity among the churches in the various nations of the world. The aim is to connect with local churches and youth movements in the nations to make possible a global movement of solidarity committed to praying in unity for the nations. And empowering the saints to serve their generations and their nations in solidarity for the glory of God.

More information coming soon...

Solidarity Global Outreach
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