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Rev. Douglas Gibson addressing graduates at a Christian Solidarity Movement School of Relationships graduation


"Taking the mystery out of relationships"

It is no secret that there is a global ‘relationship crisis’ today, both in the world and in the church. The impact of this epidemic knows no bounds as we witness its negative effects on every aspect of relationships and society as a whole. Out of concern for this, the market has been flooded with literature, retreats, seminars and workshops in an attempt to stymie the raging tide of human wounds and pain this has caused.

The School of Relationships was designed to contribute to the solution, by helping to bring understanding and wisdom from the word of God with the hope of reversing this trend and restoring a sense of sanity in the world of relationships.

Unlike other attempts at restoring relationships, this school does not focus on addressing the many issues and problems that are affecting people today; rather, its goal is to rediscover God’s original intention for relations. It seeks to awaken in the hearts of people God’s vision for our interactions and how we can recapture His vision and find the grace in Him to better deal with the challenges that are naturally associated with all relationships.​

Bearing in mind that we are all in relationships of one sought or another, Whether you are married, divorced, separated, widowed, engaged, courting, trusting God for a spouse, at the age where marriage is a consideration. Or maybe you want to develop a better relationship with your children, your parents, your friends, your employer or your co-workers, the School of Relationships is for you. This school is destined to radically and positively alter your perspective on relationships and to position you to do them with excellence.

If you are interested in being apart of this ten week programme you can register for one of our upcoming cycles listed below. We give a guarantee that School of Relationships will bring hope, healing and restoration to all of your relationships.