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School of Relationships Cycle 2 2024 
Thursday 14th March - Thursday 16th May 2024
6:00 PM AST - 8:00 P.M. AST

SOR Cycle 2 Poster-Price Included 2024.png

It's time to experience the potential God has placed in your relationships! Get the knowledge, power and wisdom to help all of your relationships work.

The School of Relationships is empowering people to do relationships right!​ Learn:

  • How to resolve conflicts

  • How to build productive relationships

  • How to establish relationships that benefit God's purpose

Register now for our Cycle 2 2024:


Thursday 14th March 2024 to Thursday 16th May 2023, 6:00 - 8:00 pm AST. Registration ends Thursday 28th March 2024.


School of Relationships 2024 Discounts:

  • Use promo code SORCII24 and get $100TTD/$15USD off.

  • Married Couples use promo code SORCII24 and get $200TTD/$30USD off.​​

  • Teenagers age 16 to 18 registering with their parents pay $500TTD (literature not included).

  • Teenagers age 16 to 18 registering without their parents get $150TTD off.

Cycle 2 2024 discounts end on Monday 11th March 2024.

Cycle 2 2024 Individual Registration Form
S.O.R Cycle 2 2024 Individual Registration
Cycle 2 2024 Couple Registration Form
S.O.R Cycle 2 2024 Couple Registration
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